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Slow food tour through Kreuzberg

Tour details:
START: U Schönleinstraße
END: U Karl-Marx-Straße
DISTANCE: 8.7 km
TIME: approx. 3 hours

  • U Schönleinstraße

    Schönleinstraße , Berlin

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    The tour starts at U Schönleinstraße (U8). Walk down Böckhstraße and take a turn left into Graefestraße. After about 100 meters you will find Kadó on your right hand side.
  • Tour: Kadò


    You can find more than 400 kinds of liquorice from all over the world in this shop. Often you will smell the aromas long before you have entered it.

    Graefestraße 20, 10967 Berlin

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    Turn left into Dieffenbachstraße and follow it until you reach Hohenstaufenplatz, where you can turn right into Schönleinstraße. After about 20 meters you will find Wein eG on your right hand side.
  • Tour: Wein eG

    Wein eG

    About 70 wine lovers have come together here to import wines at small prices. Luckily, they have opened up the sale to everybody. There is a small wine bar, where you can taste different open bottles for very little money.

    Schönleinstraße 15, 10967 Berlin

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    Walk back to Hohenstaufenplatz and turn right into Boppstraße. Follow this street until you reach Kottbusser Damm, where you turn right, then immediately left into Lenaustraße. After another 20 meters you will find the Brezel Company at the corner of Lenau-/ Hobrechtstraße. 
  • Tour: Brezel Company

    Brezel Company

    Here, baking is still a craft. Pretzels, of course, are their forte, but buns and cakes are equally irresistible.

    Lenaustraße 10, 12047 Berlin

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    Follow Lenaustraße until you reach Reuterstraße, where you turn left. Reuterstraße will become Liberdastraße, where you can find all sorts of enjoyable shops. When you get to Maybachufer, turn right and keep walking while enjoying a look at the water. Cross the river over the next bridge and stay on Glogauer Straße for about 300 meters. Turn right into Görlitzer Straße and follow it along Görlizer Park until you have almost reached the end of the street. here you will find Barcellos Salon Sucré. 
  • Tour: Salon Sucré

    Barcellos Salon Sucré

    This shop is delightful, not only for visitors with a sweet tooth. Master Muller creates eatable pieces of art in his bakehouse while his wife works as a hairdresser in the back of the shop. if you leave here empty-handed, there's something wrong with you.

    Görlitzer Straße 32a, 10997 Berlin

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    Turn left on Görlitzer Ufer and cross the next bridge. Walk back down Lohmühlenstraße on the other side of the river and to your left into Kiehlufer until you reach Wildenbruchstraße. Cross the water yet again and walk straight ahead on Geigerstraße until you reach Sonnenallee. Take a turn left until you reach Geygerstraße. Here you will find Feinschlicht. 
  • Tour: Feinschlicht


    Everything you need to know is in the name: At this lovely shop you can buy every imaginable spread — whether it is for your own Sunday breakfast table or as a present for friends. Buy some, they're worth it.

    Sonnenallee 132, 12059 Berlin

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    Go back Sonnenallee for a bit until you reach Innstraße, where you turn right. On the other side of the water the Innstraße is re-named Elsenstraße. After about 100 meters you will find Endorphina Backkunst.
  • Endorphina

    Find the "glass bakery" in the back yard. Here you can watch bakers and confectioners go about their daily business.

    Elsenstraße 52, 12059 Berlin

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    Go back to the waterfront and keep left until you reach Treptower Straße. Cross the river one last time and follow Treptower Straße until you reach Richardplatz. Keep to the right hand side and after a short while you will find Blutwurstmanufaktur on your right hand side. 
  • Tour: Blutwurstmanufaktur


    Aficionados of the good old black pudding will love this place as it specialises on this blood-dripping specialty. Don't be discouraged, but buy some of it and try some other sausage, too!

    Karl-Marx-Platz 9-11, 12043 Berlin

    To the end of the tour

    If you are still hungry (or grown hungry after all the walking), stay at Richardplatz for a relaxed couple of hours in the green scenery. There are plenty of places to eat and drink around. If you rather went home, follow Richardplatz down to your right until you reach Karl-Marx-Allee, where you turn right. Keep walking until you reach U Karl-Marx-Straße.